Heathcliff trained at Bournemouth Film School where he received a solid grounding in all aspects of film and television production. His love of music composition found a natural outlet here and he composed the scores for numerous short films.

Heathcliff has also written music for GMTV's promo broadcasts as well as compositions for short dramas, corporate videos etc.

Heathcliff Blair...

is an experienced multi-media composer and film maker. His electronic music and video production studio is equipped to meet the needs of most multi-media situations.

He was born and raised in London, where he mostly works today.
After college, he received an immediate commission from Silva Screen Records to produce and arrange a commercial CD of Dudley Simpson's music from BBC TV's Doctor Who series. It was a complex assignment involving the adaptation of the original orchestral parts for synthesizers and samplers. Heathcliff is currently producing a second soundtrack album of classic music from Doctor Who. Release date TBA.
Original album artwork

Heathcliff has receIved commissions from Channel 4 and independent production companies for sitcom scripts, radio comedy sketches, feature film scripts and treatments.

He has worked extensively for some of the UK's best known publications, providing online content and corporate promotional videos including the whole of
London Fashion Week for Stylist Magazine.

Lately, he has been commissioned by comedian Scott Capurro to film a series of comedy and chat shows held live at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London, featuring Graham Norton, Ken Livingstone, Phil Jupitus and other celebrity guests.

Heathcliff was commissioned by stage director Nathan Evans to create a video document of his and artist/performer David Hoyle's stage production"Dave's Drop-in Centre" sponsored by the Arts Council Of Great Britain.

Heathcliff is also currently producing and directing a documentary with the assistance of the British Film Institute details of which will be available on completion.

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Recently, Heathcliff was commissioned to write the music for Singapore's official entry in the 2009 Venice Biennale featuring a video installtion by the artist Ming Wong. The artwork recreates and reinterprets a scene from the 1959 film Imitation Of Life. The accompanying music was written in the 1950s Hollywood style. Click below to listen.

Ming's artwork was awarded the "Special Mention" prize at the Biennale. This is the first time Singapore has received an award at the festival.
Ken Livingston and Scott Capurro
Graham Norton and Scott Capurro
Life Of Imitation - score - mp3